Signature Candles - Apotheke

Signature Candles - Apotheke


Apotheke scented candles are hand poured in Brooklyn from pure soy and essential oils. Beeswax-dipped wicks help these calming scents burn cleanly. Hand-poured soy wax. 

  • Bamboo: White flowers, light moss, and white thyme blend with robust bamboo leaves, enveloping the room with a clean and earthy scent.

  • French Lavender: Calming lavender is combined with immortelle and subtle sandalwood to create a soothing and pleasant floral environment.

  • Sea Salt Grapefruit: A salty tang accompanied by black pepper, grapefruit, cool mint, and tarragon infuse the atmosphere with a pleasing and unforgettable fragrance.

  • Driftwood: Motivated by the strength of the ocean and the purity of it's water. 

  • Flower Shop: The feminine spirit encompassed in this perfect combination of florals devoted to the classic chic while remaining strong and resolute.

  • Sunday Soul: Inspired by the moments spent in contemplation and meditation. The ideal combination to calm you down to the very soul. 

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